Oh, wait…I forgot – you never heard about this awesome team!
Let me tell you their story…

If you haven't seen them already here they are – young, creative, full of
energy and innovative ideas… and of course at very affordable prices!

Creative & Innovative

Young & Eager

Their main goal is to deliver high quality products and push your business
forward (despite of loses and heavy casualties on the battlefield). But at
the same time they will keep your company expenses far less (even ridicu-
lously less) from what you spend on designing and developing games so far.

Affordable Prices

They are young as a studio, but everyone from their team has huge experi-
ence in what they do – slaying dragons, burning witches, saving princess-
es… and from time to time, even making games. Moreover they are always
ready to go the extra mile for the highest bidder!

Full of Energy

The Wieners Team

Their team consists of 15 elite warriors of various talents.
One day you could be their Sovereign!